Sunday, July 16th at 10:30 AM & 6 PM

Len and Cathy have traveled the globe ministering the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ for over forty years. They host a daily television show called Len and Cathy, seen in 173 countries on the TCT Network, on DirecTV and Time Warner.  They also regularly host The Road Show on the Oasis Radio Network.

Len has led praise and worship for Kenneth Copeland in the Believer's Conventions for over thirty years.  He has recorded over 30 solo worship albums, as well as many Gospel Duck projects, his ministry to children.

Cathy is a remarkable teacher of God's Word, bringing clarity and understanding to people all over the world. 
She teaches on faith, marriage and family, abundance and walking in the plan of God.

As Len and Cathy minister together, they bring the fresh, 
authentic presence of God wherever they go.